Dosage forms | Amino acids in sport

Dosage forms

One can take the desired amino acids in the form of various products. For example, amino acid tablets are easy to handle. You can take them quickly between meals, for example in the gym.

The amino acid tablets are simply swallowed with a glass of water, like medicine tablets. You take amino acid capsules in the same way. Compared to amino acid capsules, amino acid tablets have some differences.

Capsules have a shell, which in most cases consists of gelatine. The inside of the capsules consists of the active ingredient, i.e. the amino acids, which are available in liquid, solid or powder form. In the gastrointestinal tract the shell dissolves and the amino acids are absorbed.

In contrast, tablets do not have a shell; they consist only of the amino acids that have been pressed together from powder. The tablets then dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract and the amino acids are absorbed. As gelatine is mostly of animal origin used to coat the capsules, they are unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The amino acid tablets correspond to the desire for a meat-free diet; they consist only of the amino acids. The effects of capsules and tablets do not differ significantly here. Furthermore one can take amino acids in the form of bars or drink them as amino acid-containing fitness drinks or juices. Amino acids are also available in powder form.