Duration | Abscess on the palate


After surgical removal, patients still have pain, swallowing and speech problems for a few days and must spare the surgical wound. After a few days the abscess cavity should heal and the affected person should not retain any symptoms.

Palatal abscess

The palatal arch is the arch at the back of the mouth in the middle of which the uvula hangs. This area therefore has a lot of contact with environmental germs and other pathogens. Both food and inhaled air contain many foreign substances, all of which must pass through the palatal arch.

In contrast to the anterior palate, a dental cause is much rarer on the palatal arch, as the distance to the teeth of the upper jaw is greater. An abscess on the palatal arch can be very painful and significantly impair breathing if the abscess extends far into the arch. In most cases, surgery is the necessary therapy for the abscess.

Tonsil abscess

Behind the anterior palatal arch lie the palatal tonsils, which are mostly known from tonsillitis. The tonsils are a component of the human immune system and intercept pathogens from food or air. This task leads to the palatine tonsils having deliberate contact with germs.

The barrier for pathogens is much weaker for this than in other tissues. If the immune system is now weakened, the Staphylococcus Aureus can simply overcome the barrier and the body cannot fight it off completely. Abscesses can form in the tonsils.

These are as painful as a severe tonsillitis and severely restrict the swallowing process. For groups of people in need of care, therefore, a look down the throat should always be taken in the event of loss of appetite. .

A conspicuous feature of a throat check is the one-sided swelling, since in most tonsillitis both sides are affected. Depending on the size of the abscess, either the abscess cavity can be emptied or the tonsil can be removed completely. After the operation, follow-up examinations are necessary for a few days. Swallowing is only possible again without pain after a few days.