Duration of an abscess | Abscess on the inner side of the thigh

Duration of an abscess

The duration of healing of an abscess on the inner side of the thigh depends on various factors. The greater the accumulation of pus, the longer the healing process takes. Furthermore, the duration is strongly influenced by the body’s own immune system.

In addition, good wound healing is based on good care of the wound. If it is a small thigh abscess that does not require surgery, it can be healed after a few days. If a surgical intervention had to be performed, the healing process takes longer. The wound healing can then take several weeks to months. In some cases, a new abscess may form and surgery may have to be repeated.

Spread of the abscess into the genital area

The intimate area as a moist and warm, hairy body region favours the development or spread of an abscess in this area. In addition, certain factors can contribute to the risk of spreading to the genital area. These risk factors include: The causes and symptoms of an abscess in the genital area correspond to the symptoms of a thigh abscess, but the pain can be much more severe.

Walking and sitting is often torturous for the person affected, and the pain increases enormously when touched and pressed. In addition, the woman may develop inflammation of the large vaginal atrial glands. If the abscess on the inside of the thigh has spread to the intimate area, it is essential to consult a gynaecologist or urologist.

The treatment decision and methods of treatment are similar to those for the abscess on the inside of the thigh. If an abscess occurs more frequently in the intimate area, it is essential to make a differential diagnosis to exclude acne inversa. – Lack of intimate hygiene

  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Weakened immune system
  • Various skin diseases
  • Tight, abrasive underwear

Femoral abscess during pregnancy

If an abscess develops on the inside of the thigh or in the genital area during pregnancy, the gynaecologist should be informed as early as possible. According to the benefit-benefit ratio, an individual decision is made as to which treatment method is suitable.