Duration of an apicoectomy | Procedure of a root tip resection

Duration of an apicoectomy

The duration of the treatment depends on how severe the inflammation was. But the skill of the doctor also plays a certain role. However, the most important factor is whether the root canal treatment of the tooth is carried out at the same time as the apicoectomy or whether the apicoectomy is already present.

If it still has to be done, a longer period of treatment must be expected. On average, an apicoectomy takes about 30 minutes per root. This means 30 minutes x number of roots resected in the case of a multi-rooted tooth.

Should complications arise, the procedure can be prolonged. However, the required local anaesthesia will continue for about 2 hours after the treatment. During this time, nothing hot should be taken in order to avoid burning the tongue, lip or cheek. Pain in the next few days is quite normal and can last for about a week.