Duration of illness | Buttock abscess

Duration of illness

How long the disease lasts or whether the patient has to stay on sick leave longer depends on the type, location and severity of the abscess on the buttocks. If an operation was performed, an inpatient stay in hospital may be necessary. The duration of the inpatient treatment is approximately 6 to 8 days and can vary depending on the course of healing.

In some cases, for example, if there is an abscess with fistula formation, which also sits deeper in the buttocks, several operations may be necessary to completely remove the fistula. Of course, this also extends the hospital stay. Depending on the condition, profession and healing process, it may be possible to take sick leave after the inpatient treatment. This can be discussed with the attending doctor.

Aftercare of the abscess on the buttocks

After the surgical splitting of the abscess on the buttocks, it may be useful to perform sitz baths twice a day as a follow-up treatment to prevent a relapse. Camomile solutions can be used for this purpose. Furthermore, the surgical wound should be treated with H2O2 and NaCl irrigation and regular dressing changes to ensure that the wound is closed as sterile as possible.

In addition, the wound can be treated with ethacridine (Rivanol) or wound cleansing can be performed with granulation-promoting drugs, e.g. with varidase gel. It is also important that the stool is kept soft and secondary wound injuries due to excessively hard stool are avoided. This so-called secondary wound healing often takes several weeks or months.