Eczema | The outer labia


Eczema is an inflammatory disease of the skin, which is rarely found in the genital area. They are characterized by severe itching, burning and sometimes sore spots. Eczema does not present a risk of infection, but should be examined by a gynaecologist to avoid possible chronicity.

Possible causes of eczema in the area of the external sexual organs can be new care products (shower gel, intimate lotions, etc.) or new underwear. If one of these causes is suspected, the care products or underwear should be changed.

Eczema rarely heals on its own. In the acute phase, eczema is usually treated with an ointment containing cortisone. In case of quick improvement, generally acceptable intimate lotions are recommended.

The reduction of the labia majora

Usually the outer, large labia cover the inner, small labia. However, it is also not uncommon for the inner labia to be slightly larger and thus protrude between the labia majora. But also very large, outer labia often occur in women.

A large number of women find these external appearances unaesthetic, which is why they often undergo aesthetic surgery. But also physical impairments can be caused by too large inner and outer labia. Find out what can be done about larger inner labia.

If the labia majora is reduced, excess skin and fatty tissue is removed. This is usually done in a small, mostly outpatient surgical procedure, which is similar to liposuction. After removal of the excess fat and skin, the remaining skin is sutured back in place, so that hardly any external features of the operation remain. Such a surgical procedure is performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons.