Education of the molars of babies | Molar

Education of the molars of babies

During the development of the teeth in small children, pain often occurs. It is important to know that incisors cause little or no pain when they break through the gums. Much more painful is the growth or formation of the molars in small children, as they have a large and blunt surface.

The molars usually start to move from the jaw through the still soft gums between the 12th and 15th month of life. This process can last until the 18th month of life. If the molar comes through the gums, it is more the pressure that causes the pain.

A swelling of the cheeks can also be observed. An often occurring side effect is fever. This is because germs that cause fever (pyrogens) now enter the organism more easily, as it is precisely at this time that children put their finger or hands in their mouth.

It is important to keep calm and pay a lot of attention to the child during this time. As a rule, the molars are completely visible after the 24th month of life.