Effect of the artichoke

This topic concerns the mode of action/effect of the artichoke or artichoke extract. All further information on this topic can also be found under: Artichoke

Therapy – application – effect

Scientific studies have shown that extracts of artichoke leaves can protect mainly liver cells from damage by free radicals (genetically modifying and therefore carcinogenic substances). They also inhibit the body’s own production of cholesterol and stimulate the flow of bile. The artichoke extract inhibits an enzyme that liver cells need to produce cholesterol.

Furthermore, artichoke extract stimulates the production of bile acids. Artichoke extracts have a very positive effect on the liver because of their detoxifying, antioxidant and regeneration-promoting properties. It has been proven that up to 10% of total cholesterol can be reduced by a high-dose artichoke preparation.

Fatty food is better digested by taking an artichoke preparation. In folk medicine, artichokes are used for digestive disorders such as flatulence and bloating, as well as for nausea and also during convalescence. The artichoke also has a urinary stimulating effect.

An accumulation of many different active ingredients makes the medicinal plant artichoke so successful. The green leaves of the artichoke contain bitter substances and flavonoids. In addition, the cynarim was discovered.

But only the total complex of the artichoke can promote the flow of bile and stimulate digestion. In any case, the artichoke preparation should be made from a high-quality extract. Here, the cultivation, the plant parts richest in active ingredients, the time of harvest and the production process must be taken into account. A lasting quality can only be achieved if the artichoke always has the same growing conditions. This is why the artichoke leaves for the production of medicines come from specially cultivated artichoke crops.

Side effect – interaction

In case of known allergies to daisies, such as chamomile, coneflower and marigold, artichoke preparations should not be taken under any circumstances. In rare cases, gastrointestinal complaints occur. In addition, artichoke preparations should not be taken if you suffer from obstruction of the bile ducts.

You should also avoid taking artichoke extract if you have gallstones. Please always consult your doctor before you start taking an artichoke preparation. As there is no scientific evidence yet, a preparation containing artichoke leaves should be avoided during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Children under 12 years of age should not take artichoke preparations.