Effect of the ointment | Malignant abscess

Effect of the ointment

An abscess, which is still quite small and still in its early stages, can be treated very well with an abscess ointment under favourable circumstances. These ointments are pulling ointments, which can alleviate a slight abscess due to their mode of action. They are used for various chronic inflammatory skin diseases such as boils, acne, pimples and psoriasis.

Among other things, they relieve pain and reduce sebum formation and sebum flow. They also have an antibacterial effect. The ingredient is ammonium bituminosulfonate or also called ichthyol.

This is extracted from oil shale, prepared and then processed with many different substances to form the pulling or drawing ointments. The ingredients additionally irritate the skin very strongly. The inflammation becomes initially stronger.

By the increase of the inflammation, the blood circulation of the skin is simultaneously promoted. More cells of the immune defence reach the inflamed area and can react against the infectious abscess. The capsule can thus be destroyed and the pus can empty itself towards the skin surface. The opened abscess can then heal from the inside out. The healing is often completed faster if the ointment is regularly applied to the affected skin area.

Ilon ointment

In contrast to the classic pulling ointments, the Ilon Abscess Ointment has its own mechanism of action. It is based on a triple action. The different effects are based on the different ingredients of the Ilon Abscess Ointment.

It contains purely vegetable substances, many of which are essential oils with a pleasant smell. In addition, it is very well tolerated by most patients and can be applied regularly to the affected areas in case of acute inflammation or as a prophylaxis. The ingredients include larch turpentine, which promotes blood circulation and has a disinfecting effect.

Purified turpentine oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and other essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme oil have an antibacterial, skin calming, disinfecting and anti-parasitic effect. They also contain vaseline, beeswax, oleic and stearic acid. These mentioned substances cover the skin surface well and prevent further penetration of bacteria.

In the case of an acute encapsulated abscess, the various effects can quickly lead to a significant improvement in symptoms. When applied, it simultaneously cares for the skin and thus promotes healing. – analgesic

  • Anti-inflammatory and
  • Drains the pus quickly.

In addition to the abscess ointments that can be attributed to orthodox medicine, various homeopathic ointments are offered for the treatment of pus accumulation. Black elderberry is considered a particularly popular substance for the treatment of small, rather superficial abscesses. With such an ointment it has to be taken care that the preparation should be applied as generously as possible on the skin surface.

Ideally, a compress or similar is applied after the ointment has been applied. The affected patient has to make sure that the skin surface above the abscess is always covered by the elderberry ointment. To intensify the effect of this homeopathic ointment, the skin surface can be disinfected every three hours and reapplied with the preparation.