Endurance sports at home

Endurance sport is one of the most widespread sports in Germany. People of all ages go running, walking, swimming, cycling, inline skating, cross-country skiing, hiking and climbing. Endurance sport has always been a sport that is mainly practised in the fresh air, or at least in halls and rooms designed for it. The endurance sports of the fitness industry usually take place in the gyms, where you can find steppers, treadmills, bicycle and rowing ergometers. Additional offers such as spinning and special endurance training concepts complete the range of services offered by the fitness studios.

Advantages of endurance sports

But why do we actually do endurance sports? Endurance sports are good for our health, as the risk of many diseases can be reduced by endurance sports. The risk of cardiovascular diseases in particular can be reduced enormously.

Through sport life expectancy can be increased and blood pressure can be lowered. The sugar metabolism can be improved significantly and so can diabetes. One of the most important points besides physical development is mental well-being. People who do sport feel better and healthier.

Requirements for a good training at home

There are no fixed guidelines for the frequency of endurance training at home. The previous experience with endurance sports is an important factor that determines the frequency and intensity. From a medical point of view, one should be active four to five times a week for at least half an hour.

Two to three hours of endurance sports per week are therefore sufficient. For experienced and trained endurance athletes, the weekly training effort is significantly higher, otherwise no further progress would be possible. The most important point is to take a little time for endurance sports, even if you don’t have a lot of free time available.

If you do endurance sports at home, you should also consult a doctor and have a check-up to exclude possible risk factors. If you have previous illnesses and complaints, the training should always be determined together with a doctor in order to reduce risks and to benefit from the training to the maximum. Not everyone wants to leave their house or apartment to do sports.

The trend towards doing sports at home is developing more and more and is putting up a fight with the studios. Sport at home, which is only for nerds, has long been considered obsolete, as today’s daily routine often does not offer enough time to go to a studio or club to do sports. The time saved and the feeling of well-being in their own four walls motivate many people to do sports at home as well.

This is especially true for strength training, as you only need a few tools, which can even be replaced by household products. With endurance sports, it is mainly the seasonal climate change that motivates many people to do endurance sports at home instead of going for a run outside in the fresh, cold air. Especially in winter the quota of “nice weather athletes” who move their activities into their own four walls increases.