Endurance Training

What is endurance training?

Endurance training is a form of training that aims to increase the performance of the body. Banally speaking: the time it takes to get out of breath should be extended. Or more technically speaking: the resistance to fatigue caused by stress should be increased.

Colloquially, the word “cardio training” is usually used, which in principle describes the approach of this form of training. One trains the cardiovascular system. More precisely, endurance training lowers the resting pulse rate and blood pressure and thus prevents cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it increases the physical performance.

Endurance training at home

In this question there are no limits to the imagination. According to the motto: Everything that helps! the only criterion is sufficient physical exertion.

To create a rough subdivision, training at home can be divided into training without aids, training with aids and equipment training. Auxiliary means can be small devices such as a skipping rope, small dumbbells or even a jumping box. The equipment includes classic endurance training devices such as treadmills, bicycle ergometers or crosstrainers.

Since the purchase of a piece of equipment is associated with costs that should not be neglected, this decision should be made carefully and preferably only after a considerable period of conscientious endurance training without equipment or on equipment in the gym, to ensure that the endurance training was not just a short-term whim. However, since the first two options are mainly available for training at home, we would like to refer you to the Internet. Google and YouTube offer under search terms such as “endurance training at home” or “cardio workout at home” a variety of well explained and motivating articles and videos.

Endurance training in the gym

The “basic equipment” of a fitness studio already offers a wide range of options for endurance training. Appropriate training units can be done on a treadmill as well as on a crosstrainer. Further possibilities are offered by rowing machines, spinning bikes or steppers in often special fitness courses of a studio. Nowadays, better equipped studios also offer sports equipment for crossfit or sling training, sledge pulling or, in special studios, swimming. The equipment can be used both in the sense of long-term training and for so-called HIIT training units.

Which exercises can I use for endurance training?

Possible exercises are: There are hardly any limits to the imagination of the trainee in this question. The exercises can be done both inside and outside, with or without equipment, as well as over a long or short period of time. To start with the most banal exercise: jogging.

Running at a moderate pace is basically possible all year round and requires no special equipment except a well-functioning pair of running shoes. But cycling is also an excellent exercise for endurance training. It also has the advantage that it is much more joint-gentle than running training.

In principle, almost all exercises can be done as endurance training as long as they do not completely tire the muscle and do not drive the heart performance to unhealthy heights. For example, box jumps or rope skipping can also be done as endurance training, as long as the training is not done too fast. Other classic endurance training exercises are The use of a cross trainer, hill sprints, stepaerobics, rowing and many more. – Jogging

  • Cycling
  • Rope skipping
  • Box jumps
  • Rowing