Example of an acupuncture program for weight loss | Acupuncture for weight loss

Example of an acupuncture program for weight loss

And this is how a weight loss program could look like: 1. diagnosis: After the diagnosis, the individual and type-appropriate selection of foods that balance the Qi is made. 2. drawing up a dietary plan: In consultation with the doctor, a plan is put together that ensures the supply of nutrients, guarantees a good feeling of satiety and – very important – corresponds to the individual taste and personal preferences. 3. acupuncture treatment: The doctor chooses an acupuncture treatment that is individually adapted to the patient.

The needles are placed in points with direct influence on the digestive organs. Psychologically stabilizing points are added. Because eating disorders can be among the addictive diseases, the therapist also inserts needles at addiction points on the ear.

Sometimes the patients are given permanent needles. 4. stimulation of more movement: Learning Qi Gong and Tai Chi can give a new body awareness and thus a better self-esteem. Of course any other kind of movement is also desired.

Compared to long dietary programmes, the costs are low. The one-time treatment costs between 150 and 400 Euros, depending on the effort of the therapist. The health insurance companies usually do not cover the costs.

Overweight from a Chinese perspective

According to Chinese medicine, the causes for increased eating are very different. Nervousness, depression, imbalance, tiredness or stress can increase the appetite unnoticed in the long run. Even writing with the right hand for left-handed people is said to possibly lead to obesity.

Presumably these weaknesses are compensated by eating (or other addictions such as smoking). In some cases, however, even an experienced doctor can find a source of interference that causes the overweight. These include, for example, processes in the body that trigger diseases without the patient noticing (dead teeth, inflamed maxillary sinuses, scars or small splinter injuries). These can then be specifically integrated into the treatment plan.

Medical evaluation of acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss is a gentle method to fight the excess kilos. Acupuncture needles at the right points should help to reduce cravings and sweet tooth. In addition, stress and depressed mood can be treated with acupuncture.

Acupuncture needles can thus provide targeted support to people who lack motivation and stamina after numerous unsuccessful diets. According to the results of a US-American study, this treatment is a useful supplement and support for weight loss. Nevertheless, it is essential to change one’s diet and at best to exercise regularly.

In order to lose weight in a targeted manner, one should eat a low-carbohydrate, low-fat and high-protein diet so that the metabolism is stimulated as effectively as possible. Sweets, sweetened drinks and alcohol should be avoided so that the body can devote itself to fat burning. Sport helps to increase muscle mass, burn more energy and thus fat, and also gets the body in shape. Acupuncture is good as a dietary support for people who are prone to cravings and snacks and for those who may need more motivation after numerous dietary attempts.