Eye rings in the baby | Circles under the eyes – Get rid of and remove

Eye rings in the baby

Even babies can develop dark circles under the eyes. However, the cause does not always have to be a disease. Children have thinner skin around the eyes than adults.

If the skin type is also very light, the blood vessels can shimmer through the skin as dark circles around the eyes. Another harmless cause can be the genetic disposition to dark circles under the eyes. If there are many family members with dark circles in the family, a genetic cause is very likely.

However, the dark circles can also occur due to illness. If the baby is also suffering from an infection or gastro-enteritis, the development of dark circles around the eyes can indicate a lack of fluids. This should be taken into account, as in this case a fluid intake is important as a treatment.

Therefore, if there are additional symptoms that indicate an infection, advice should be sought from a paediatrician. Dark circles can also form around the eyes as a result of a cold, sniffles or allergies due to a blocked nose. The dark circles around the eyes can also indicate that babies do not get enough sleep. A regular daily rhythm is therefore already important for babies. Therefore, when forming conspicuous dark circles around the eyes, care should be taken to ensure that the baby gets enough sleep.


  • Dark circles under the eyesThe dark colouring of the area below the eyes is usually congenital or caused by too little sleep. – Remove dark circles under the eyesIf your dark circles are not caused by fatigue or other factors, there is the possibility of an operation to remove them. – If children have dark circles under their eyes, it is rarely caused by lack of sleep.

The dark circles are more likely caused by allergies, inflammations, neurodermatitis, etc. – Black dark circles under the eyesColoured circles under the eyes can also be very dark to black, which can be caused by very severe fatigue. – Chronic dark circlesPer most people suffer from dark circles depending on the situation and are caused e.g. by tiredness; however, there is also the chronic form, in which the dark circles are always present.

  • Men’s dark circles are also usually caused by lifestyle and can be caused by too much work and too little sleep, for example. – Red under eye circles in childrenRed under eye circles also occur in children. The causes can be an allergy, lack of sleep, inflammation or neurodermatitis. – Iron deficiency dark circles under the eyesA pronounced iron deficiency can also lead to dark circles under the eyes, which occurs more frequently in women.