Eyebrow loss in the woman | Eyebrows fall out

Eyebrow loss in the woman

In addition to the general causes of eyebrow loss, hormonal changes in the female body can promote the loss and influence the course of treatment. This can be caused by certain situations, such as the menstrual phase, pregnancy or menopause. But also the discontinuation of the contraceptive pill can change the hormonal conditions considerably and cause a short-term loss of eyebrows. The hormone estrogen influences the hair growth of the female body. Sudden changes and fluctuations in oestrogen concentration, in a woman, can lead to acute eyebrow loss.

Eyebrow loss during pregnancy

A loss of eyebrow hair is usually rare during pregnancy itself. The so-called steroid hormone progesterone promotes hair growth both in quantity and quality. Shortly before menstruation and during pregnancy this hormone is found in increased concentration in the female body.

The oestrogen concentration also increases, which additionally contributes to improved hair growth. A drop in these two hormones after delivery can cause eyebrow hair loss. This is also known as postpartum effluvium.

Eyebrow loss in the child

In the context of the childhood “circular hair loss“, the so-called Alopecia areata, eyebrow hair loss can occur. This is accompanied by reduced nail growth and swelling of the lymph nodes. One often observes a simultaneous occurrence of neurodermatitis, hay fever, allergic bronchial asthma or autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland.

The exact causes of childhood circular hair loss are not yet known and are still being researched. The diagnosis must be confirmed before drug therapy is recommended. The treatment is very individual and requires the attention and support of parents and the social environment.