Eyebrow tinting

Do you dream of beautiful, voluminous and defined eyebrows and do not want to reach for eyebrow pencils or powder every day? There is a simple solution for this: eyebrow tinting. The eyebrows are tinted in your desired shade. Eyebrow tinting is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to give your brows more intensity. You can tint your eyebrows yourself at home, at the hairdresser or in the beauty salon.


First of all, the correct colour tone must be selected. You can buy this in the drugstore together with a developer in an eyebrow tinting kit. Before you start tinting, you should first clean the brows so that they are free of grease.

Suitable for this purpose is, for example, facial water or fat-free make-up remover. Then the eyebrows must be dried well. Then you should apply a greasy cream (e.g. Vaseline) and cotton wool pads to the area around the eyebrows so that the colouring agent does not affect the skin.

Procedure of dyeing

First, the selected colour and developer are mixed in a small container. It is recommended to tint the eyebrows one after the other to achieve an even result. When applying the colour, it is important to make sure that the colour is applied in the direction of growth of the eyebrows.

To apply the colour, a brush is usually included in the colouring set. You can also use a cotton swab or a discarded mascara brush. Excess dye should be removed with a cotton swab.

What do you have to consider afterwards?

Only after tinting the eyebrows it is recommended to pluck the eyebrows into the desired shape and not vice versa. This is because the skin is irritated and sensitive after plucking and, in addition, colour can get stuck in the pores and leave unsightly dark spots. You should also make sure to moisturize your eyebrows and use mild skin care products.

What are the risks?

When tinting eyebrows there is a risk that you will not achieve the desired shade and that your eyebrows will be too dark. However, this is not so bad, as the colour gradually washes out and fades. On the other hand, there is also the risk that you will have an allergic reaction to the colour.

Have an allergy test done before the first tinting. Another risk is that the dye gets into your eyes and causes irritation. Make sure that no dye gets into the eyes.

If you have sensitive eyebrows, the tint may cause the eyebrows to become very strained and brittle. Dye for eyebrows can cause allergies. To avoid this, you should definitely carry out an allergy test before the first application.

If you are allergic to the dye, symptoms such as swelling of the area around the eyebrows, redness and pain may occur. In addition, you may experience increased itching. If you have an allergic reaction to the dye, you should immediately remove the dye and cleanse with water. If there is no improvement in the symptoms, you should consult a doctor.