Forecast | Abductor distortion


Although it is very painful, the simple abductor strain is a trivial injury that usually heals completely after a few days to weeks if cooled and protected appropriately. Very few complications are therefore to be expected. If the strain starts again too early, permanent scars may develop at the injured area in the muscle tissue, which will then make the muscle less resistant to subsequent efforts and will lead to increased injuries in this area.

In order to avoid an abductor strain, you should attach importance to a sufficient, light warm-up program before sports activities and under no circumstances start training in a hurry. Movements that are performed regularly and a good training condition also considerably reduce the risk of a pulled abductor. During training, a correct technique helps to avoid injuries of all kinds.

Even a well-adapted stretching program should not be left out, since typical muscle shortening and one-sided training increase the risk of strain due to overloading. In general, it is also advisable to allow the muscles sufficient time to regenerate, especially after particular strain. Just like a lack of training or one-sided training, overtraining weakens the muscles and makes them more susceptible to strains and other injuries.