Forecast | Alcoholism


It is very difficult to make a prognosis, as this depends on each individual person. In addition, as mentioned, the environment is of great importance and the support after a therapy is of great importance. If no therapy is carried out, the prognosis cannot be predicted in a generalized way, but the body will deteriorate more and more and the psychological damage will increase. Sooner or later an alcoholic person can die from the consequences, such as organ damage or suicide.

Alcoholism in old age

Alcoholism in old age is a topic that is rarely discussed and is not particularly present. But it is not always dementia or an insecurity and weakness that makes old people look confused and fall. Unfortunately, significantly more old people drink far too much alcohol than one might think.

However, since they no longer work, many no longer drive a car and so on, they can hide their addiction much more easily. Especially the loneliness and the loss of their partner makes many old people resort to alcohol. In addition, they often take a lot of medication, which also makes the body tolerate less alcohol.

The liver also no longer works as effectively. The breakdown of alcohol is much less and because there is less body water, the alcohol can be diluted less and will therefore have a stronger effect. Unfortunately, there is a lack of institutions and specialists who are primarily concerned with this group of people, who would need significantly different care and forms of therapy than younger people.