Forecast | Eye burns


The prognosis depends on the severity of the burn. The lighter the burn, the fewer structures in the depth are affected and the less the cornea and conjunctiva are damaged, the better the prognosis for complete healing. It is important that an eye wash is performed in any case.

If this is done in time and sufficiently, the prognosis for the further course of the burn can be better. Basically, stages I and II are considered to be prognostically good. They rarely require further invasive techniques and often heal in a shorter time.

In any case, a medical check-up should be carried out, as the damage could also worsen. Stage III and IV burns have a worse prognosis in cases of extensive injuries to deeper structures of the eye. Parts of the cornea and conjunctiva as well as the lens may have to be removed and replaced by transplants. A partial or complete preservation of vision can be achieved through various transplants, although with limitations in visual acuity.