From which doctor can I get an allergy pass? | Allergy passport

From which doctor can I get an allergy pass?

In theory, any doctor can issue an allergy passport. In practice, allergy specialists are the doctors who issue allergy passports because they usually also diagnose the allergy. But also the dermatologist or a hospital can issue an allergy pass.

Can I also order it online?

A blank allergy pass can be downloaded online and then printed out. There are also Internet sites where the patient can fill out an allergy passport himself. This is then sent by post.

Depending on the website, this may incur costs. Especially for multilingual allergy passports additional costs are charged online. It is recommended to have the self-completed Allergy Pass reviewed by the treating physician before the final sending/printing out so that no mistakes are made and the lack of important information is avoided.

What is an International Allergy Pass?

An international allergy passport is not only filled out in German but also in one or more other languages. For patients travelling abroad, it should ensure that in an emergency situation it is also clear from which allergies the patient is suffering. This can be decisive, for example, if a patient has an acute allergic attack or if he has to be treated in a hospital and has relevant drug allergies.

How can I make sure that my allergy pass is found in an emergency?

To ensure that an allergy passport is found in an emergency, the person concerned should always carry it with him/her. It is best to keep it in your wallet or in a transparent foil which is stored in the same place as your wallet. Relatives should be informed where to find the Allergy Pass in an emergency situation so that they can make it available to the doctors treating the acute case.

An allergy passport lying at home while a patient with insect venom allergy is stung by a wasp during a trip is a risk that those affected should not take. In the worst case, the patient may be travelling alone and be unconscious when the rescue service arrives, so that they cannot give any information about their allergies. In such situations, an allergy passport can be life-saving.