Genital abscess | Malignant abscess

Genital abscess

Abscesses can often also develop in the genital area and cause unpleasant pain there. In addition, many patients do not consult a doctor in time because of their sense of shame and the inflammation continues to progress. The abscesses often form in the groin, on the buttocks or on the upper edge of the thigh.

Causes for the development can include clothing that is too tight-fitting, incorrect hygiene or intimate shaving. Shaving can cause small injuries, bacteria can get into them and finally lead to an infection. In this case, tight clothing should be avoided in any case so that the inflammation is not irritated even more.

If the patient discovers first changes, doctors recommend early treatment with an abscess ointment, which can prevent the inflammation and formation of a capsule. It also relieves the symptoms and promotes healing. If the conservative therapy is unsuccessful, a doctor should be consulted for further treatment. For prophylaxis, comfortable clothing, regular and correct hygiene and a careful intimate shaving with subsequent care should be observed.