Diagnostics and therapy | Vena cava

Diagnostics and therapy A catheter that is inserted into the vena cava (vena cava) up to the right atrium can be used in diagnostics to assess cardiovascular function (cardiovascular system). In addition to measuring this central venous pressure (CVD), the catheter is also used for infusion therapy, which supports infusion therapy through peripheral intravenous catheters. … Read more

Venous valve

Definition Venous valves (valvulae) are structures in the veins that perform a valve-like function and thus prevent the blood from flowing back in the wrong direction. The wall of blood vessels is formed by three different layers. On the outside is the so-called tunica externa (adventitia), in the middle is the tunica media (media) and … Read more


Introduction The term venule refers to a section of blood vessels in the body’s vascular system which, together with the arterioles and capillaries, form the final flow path of the vascular system. The function of the venule includes the exchange between blood and tissue and the transport of blood as part of the vascular system. … Read more