Sixpack Training

The training plan for the targeted improvement of the abdominal muscles contains only exercises and methods for the abdominal muscles. This training plan can be used as an isolated training unit to supplement a muscle building plan. The abdominal muscles should always be trained to the same extent as the lower back muscles. Training plan … Read more

The Personal Trainer

The profession of personal trainer is not an official job title, which means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer. Personal training is an individual, professional form of training support by a competent trainer. Starting with targeted training planning, through training support to the evaluation and revision of training plans, a personal trainer can … Read more

Personal training

Introduction Personal training is a form of individual training consultation and training support with the goal of maximum or optimal performance improvement and competition preparation. Due to the constantly growing number of potential customers in the field of sports support, a professional group with perspective growing opportunities has emerged in recent years. Starting in the … Read more

4 he split training plan

Explanation With the 4-way split, the training contents are distributed over 4 days. The aim of the training is to build up muscles with 60 minutes per training unit. According to the training plan chest and shoulder muscles and the training plan leg muscles, there should be a 1 day break. Before training, you should … Read more

Training plan

Introduction To be able to complete sports training effectively and successfully, an optimal, long-term and proper planning is required. Many ambitious recreational sportsmen and sportswomen are increasingly seeking professional advice from a personal trainer in order to achieve their sporting goals more quickly and safely. An individually designed training plan is useful in endurance sports … Read more