Homeopathic medicine Similiaplex | Arsenicum iodatum

Homeopathic medicine Similiaplex

The homeopathic medicine Similiaplex is now available from various manufacturers and in various compositions. Similiaplex is a complex remedy, i.e. the preparations contain different homeopathic remedies that are adapted to the treatment of a specific clinical picture. According to German law, homeopathic medicines may only be sold without a therapeutic indication, which means that there is no area of application for the substances as prescribed by the manufacturer.

However, a Similiaplex preparation containing Arsenum iodatum could be used, among other things, for metabolic disorders caused by an underactive thyroid. For this purpose, a suitably trained person should be consulted before use. Our next article could also be interesting for you: Homeopathy for hair loss on the head as a result of general diseases