Homeopathy for irritable bowel

Under this generic term a clinical picture is summarized which is mainly localized in the large intestine due to vegetative dysfunctions without any organic cause. Cramp-like abdominal pain, flatulence, belching, alternation between diarrhoea and constipation. Inflated abdomen with effects on the heart. Complaints are often caused by:

  • Emotional excitement (anger, grief, insult, offence)
  • Incompatibility or
  • The abuse of irritants such as alcohol, nicotine, laxatives

The following homeopathic remedies can be used for irritable bowel syndrome: Irritable bowel (irritable colon) combined with cramp-like abdominal pain and flatulence. This can lead to heart problems and even cardiac arrhythmia (Roemheld syndrome)

  • Asa foetida (Stinkasant)
  • Nux moschata (nutmeg)
  • Argentine nitricum
  • Nux vomica (Nux vomica)
  • Aethiops antimonialis (Spiky Moor)
  • Colchicum autumnale (autumnal saffron)
  • Hydrastis (blood root)
  • Potassium phosphoricum
  • Magnesium chlorate

Asa foetida (Stinkasant)

Noticeable is the felt pressure in the stomach with constant belching, foul smelling. Pressure rises up to the neck, globular feeling in the throat. A lot of flatulence, persistent constipation, bloated stomach, smelly secretions.

Change to watery diarrhea with a disgusting smell. Generally anxious attitude, mostly sad mood, quickly changing to laughter. All symptoms worsen at night. Typical dosage of Asa foetida (Stinkasant) for irritable bowel syndrome: Tablets D4 For more information on Asa foetida (Stinkasant), please see our topic: Asa foetida

  • Patients with rapidly changing moods between laughter and anxious sadness
  • “Evil premonitions seem to rise from the belly”
  • Many things rise from the bottom to the top: from the intestine to the chest, from the heart to the head, from the stomach a globular feeling rises up to the neck
  • Stubborn constipation with abdominal cramps and flatulence
  • Aqueous diarrhea with a disgusting odor
  • Foul-smelling belching
  • After the meal very exhausted with pressure and feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen