Homeopathy for pregnancy vomiting and nausea

Homeopathic medicines

The following homeopathic remedies are used for pregnancy vomiting and nausea:

  • Cocculus (cocculus grains)
  • Ipecacuanha (ipecac root)
  • Ignatia (Ignatius bean )
  • Sepia (cuttlefish)

Cocculus (cocculus grains)

Typical dosage of cocculus (cocculation grains) during pregnancy: Tablets D6

  • Women with great weakness and nervous, irritable sensitivity
  • Also exhaustion and depression
  • Headaches, nausea already at the sight of food
  • Dizziness that increases while driving (you want to stay lying down) and is a typical symptom

Ipecacuanha (ipecac root)

Prescription only up to and including D3! Typical dosage of Ipecacuanha (ipecacuanha) for pregnancy vomiting: tablets D6

  • General tendency to vomit and strong, persistent nausea
  • Vomiting brings no relief
  • Feeling as if the stomach is pulled down
  • Aggravation in the evening and at night
  • Tendency to nosebleed

Ignatia (Ignatius bean)

Prescription only up to and including D3! Typical dosage of Ignatia (Ignatius bean) in case of vomiting during pregnancy: tablets D4

  • Many contradictions such as
  • Nausea becomes better after eating, certain foods are tolerated today and not tomorrow, light foods are less well tolerated than hard to digest
  • Lump feeling in the neck
  • Between the crushing attacks hunger again
  • Nausea is particularly caused by odors (food, perfume, etc. )

Sepia (cuttlefish)

Typical dosage of cuttlefish (squid) for pregnancy vomiting: tablets D6

  • The emotional symptoms of cuttlefish have already been described in the psychological changes during pregnancy
  • Nausea and vomiting worst in the morning after waking up, they get better after breakfast
  • Empty feeling in the stomach
  • The nausea is caused by the sight or smell of food
  • Rejects meat, milk, fatty foods
  • Likes wine
  • Stuffy, warm air in rooms with many people is not tolerated
  • Everything better in the fresh, cool air and outdoors