How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet? | Anabolic Diet

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

The principle of the anabolic diet is to empty the body’s carbohydrate stores in the first phase. This is accompanied by the loss of large amounts of water. In the subsequent feed, the stores are replenished, so a portion of water is also stored again.

The remaining kilos lost through the diet are mainly the result of body fat and muscle mass. In order to prevent a yo-yo effect, it is important to avoid excess calories even after the diet. You should therefore only eat as much as your body consumes. You can additionally increase your consumption by more exercise and sporting activities in everyday life. However, nutrition remains the most important key to long-term weight stabilisation.

Anabolic diet and alcohol – is it compatible?

Except in water and unsweetened teas, carbohydrates are present in every drink. This is especially true for alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. This means that carbohydrates are taboo in the anabolic phase of the diet if the diet is followed very strictly.

Alcohol with a low carbohydrate content such as vodka, whiskey, rum or tequila are also not recommended. This is because the body puts the burning of fat behind the reduction of alcohol and slows down the success of the diet. The high calorie content of alcoholic beverages should also be considered. In addition, the consumption of alcohol leads to unpleasant side effects the following day, which can restrict sports activities and everyday life. It is therefore best to avoid alcohol, but in exceptional cases, in the anabolic phase at least, you should only drink drinks that do not contain carbohydrates.

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