How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet? | Losing weight without hunger – is that possible?

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

The risk of losing weight without starving is, like the cost of the diet, strongly dependent on the implementation. If one eats according to the low carb principle, the risk of a yo-yo effect is generally not particularly high, as this diet does not correspond to a zero diet. This means that the metabolism is not radically switched to low carb and swings in the other direction after the end of the diet.

With a low-carbohydrate diet, the lifestyle should be healthy and balanced in the long term, so that no yo-yo effect can occur. However, if a lot of food is eaten after the diet, especially unhealthy food and large quantities over several days, then the dreaded yoyo effect can be expected. To avoid the yoyo effect, the diet should be seen as a transition to a permanently healthy, balanced diet. Regular sport and a lot of exercise in everyday life help to keep the desired weight permanently and get the body in shape.

What are the costs of this method?

The cost of losing weight without hunger depends heavily on the implementation of this diet. If you follow the low-carb diet, cheap carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice and Co on the menu are greatly reduced and replaced by slightly more expensive products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, high-quality meat and fish products, eggs and dairy products. These foods are more expensive than ready-made meals, but are significantly healthier and satiate longer.

It becomes more expensive if you consume fat burners or food supplements such as L-carnitine. Also valuable ingredients that act as fat burners are also contained in citrus fruits or spices. Losing weight with hypnosis, homeopathic products and services like lymph drainage are expensive and cannot guarantee success.

Where can I find good recipes for losing weight without hunger?

A large part of the food is low in carbohydrates and corresponds to the low carb nutrition principle, where carbohydrates are reduced on the menu and mainly protein and fats are eaten. You can buy corresponding recipe books or search the internet for ideas. Especially for low carb dishes there are many free recipes on the internet and cheap books. These often contain shopping lists and tips, which is suitable for beginners.

What are the alternatives to losing weight without hunger?

If you want to lose weight without starving and need a clear concept, diets that prefer a low-carbohydrate, protein-rich diet are suitable. The Logi method is a low carb diet, which aims to keep blood sugar and insulin levels low. One can understand this diet as a permanent form of nutrition and eat a full diet.

Another alternative is the Glyx diet. The blood sugar level is the main focus, which means that here too the glycemic index of the food determines the diet. Snacks are taboo with this diet, as are sweets and sugared drinks.

An additional sports programme is recommended to promote weight loss. The Atkins diet consists of a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and an intensive fitness programme. Calories do not need to be counted, you can eat a full diet but you must avoid carbohydrates.

If you want to do without carbohydrates less, the Food Combining Diet can be a good alternative. In this diet, the food is divided into three food groups. Only two food groups may be combined in each meal, the food is “separated”.

You can eat your fill and stick to a simple concept that can be easily implemented. So there are different ways to lose weight without starving. However, all methods should be viewed critically.