How can the ageing process be stopped?


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Already at the age of 25 our body begins to age. The first wrinkles and the first white hairs can be a cause of concern for many people. But can the aging process be prevented or slowed down?

If so, what are the possibilities? These questions will be addressed in the following. First of all, it is important to know that you cannot stop aging, but you can slow it down by living the right way. You can learn more about this from us.

What are the options for slowing down the ageing process?

The most important factor in slowing down the aging process is a healthy lifestyle. This is listed in the following section. The hormone function in our body is also important.

Although this decreases with age, it can be influenced by the right lifestyle. For example, short stays in the sun increase the formation of vitamin D in the body, which among other things strengthens our bones. Stress and lack of sleep reduce the production of hormones and thus accelerate aging, so these conditions should be avoided.

The aging process cannot be stopped completely, but it can be slowed down by a healthy lifestyle. But what belongs to a healthy lifestyle and why is it so important? A healthy lifestyle protects our body from cell stress.

This is an important cause of aging, because the cell stress and the radicals released in the body are damaging our cells. A healthy way of life helps on the one hand to reduce the cell stress and on the other hand to absorb the radicals. Part of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Abstain from smoking It is worthwhile to stop smoking at any age!

Smokers have up to 20 years shorter life expectancy compared to non-smokers. – Healthy and varied diet A healthy diet has several positive effects on our body, it protects our vessels and cells from radicals. It is recommended to eat smaller portions more often instead of eating a large meal.

Make sure to use less oil and salt when cooking. Because fatty food favours the early development of fat and lime deposits on the vessel, an increased salt content in food increases blood pressure and thus damages the vessels. You should also avoid ready-made products and make sure that you take in sufficient vitamins through your diet.

A lot of fruit and vegetables have an antioxidant effect, i.e. they protect against radicals. We recommend our page on: Anti Aging and nutrition

  • Still water A sufficient water content is enormously important for the body with regard to the aging process. Because if you supply your body with enough fluid, your cells do not dry out and pollutants in the body can also be better excreted via the kidneys.
  • Regular exercise You should be aware that excessive exercise can be harmful. So you have no advantage from overloading your body. Exercising twice or three times a week for about 30 to 60 minutes will increase your life expectancy.
  • Avoid stress Stress also increases cellular stress. A balanced life with family and friends and an active sexual life will keep you young longer. – Get enough sleep Little sleep increases cell stress and has damaging effects on your body.

In the following, certain vitamins are selected that play an important role in the ageing process. – Vitamin C Vitamin C fulfils important tasks that are of great benefit in terms of anti-aging. It supports the formation of collagen.

This is a fibre component of our skin and ensures that our skin is firm and elastic. Vitamin C also catches free radicals that are triggered by cell stress and cause the skin to age more quickly. Vitamin C therefore plays an important role in slowing down the aging process.

It is especially preserved in broccoli and spinach. – Vitamin D Vitamin D has a strengthening effect on the bones. This is particularly important with increasing age, as bones become softer with age.

This is also known as bone loss (osteoporosis). Another important task of vitamin D is the increased absorption of iron from the intestines into the body. This is also particularly important because iron is needed for the formation of red blood pigment.

The older a person gets, the fewer hormones are produced in his or her body. This accelerates the aging process, as the hormones normally protect the body from faster cell aging. Certain hormones are listed below:

  • Oestrogen The beginning of the menopause causes difficulties and discomfort for many women.

This is due to the rapid decline of the sex hormone oestrogen. But oestrogens also play a role in men. If the oestrogen level drops, skin ageing progresses faster.

This leads to wrinkles. In addition, bone loss in the sense of bone atrophy (osteoporosis) occurs more quickly. In addition, sexual desire and vitality decrease.