How can you avoid a yo-yo effect? | Slimming with protein powder

How can you avoid a yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect can be avoided by using the diet as a transition to a long-term balanced and healthy diet. The shakes should be slowly reduced after the diet and replaced by healthy meals.

What alternatives are there?

Losing weight with protein powder is a good start to a long-term healthy diet, as you do not go hungry completely. If you want to lose more weight more quickly because the summer holiday is approaching or a big event is taking place, more radical diets are often adopted, such as the Turbo Diet with protein powder or mono diets, such as the fruit or vegetable diet. Also the cabbage soup diet or the apple vinegar diet helps to lose weight quickly.

A big disadvantage of these mono and radical diets, however, is the dreaded yoyo effect, which often follows after the end of the diet. Another good alternative to losing weight with protein powder in the long run is a low-carb diet, in which the carbohydrates in the diet are replaced by protein, vegetables and other nutrient suppliers. Both diets are based on the muscle-friendly and fat-hostile effect of proteins.

In order to maintain the desired weight in the long term, each diet requires a slow transition to a balanced diet after the end of the diet. A slow transition here means that the daily calories must be increased slowly to prevent a yo-yo effect. But even then weight gain can be expected if the metabolism has been “shut down” by a longer diet and then eating normally again.

How much does it cost to lose weight with protein powder?

Per 500g can of protein powder, you can spend on average between €5-30 in drugstores, pharmacies and on the Internet. This means that such a tin lasts for about a month. It is important to pay attention to the ingredients and avoid unnecessary sugar content. Some vitamins and other nutrients are added to the powder and you can choose the types of protein powder according to taste.

Criticism of the diet

One must make sure that besides drinking protein drinks, one eats a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat and calories. Otherwise the extra shakes will lead to weight gain rather than loss. Furthermore, it is especially important to buy the right protein powder for this diet, as they contain varying amounts of sugar. For maximum weight loss success, the protein powder for this diet should contain a lot of protein and very few carbohydrates.

Medical evaluation

Losing weight with protein powder is basically a healthy and effective weight loss method. Proteins are an essential part of a balanced diet, because they prevent the breakdown of the body’s own protein, the muscle, and at the same time promote the breakdown of sugar from the fat pads. The prerequisite for this effect to work best is that protein and carbohydrates are absorbed almost separately.

Therefore, it helps the body to lose weight effectively if a main meal is replaced by a low-calorie protein shake over 1 – 2 weeks. With protein powder, however, you have to be very selective to find the right product. Often there is a lot of sugar in the powder, which makes the drink less effective.

If you use low-sugar and low-calorie protein powder, this diet is a great way to achieve your desired weight. With a gentle transition to a balanced lifestyle with sport and good nutrition, you can finally successfully maintain your desired weight.