How can you tap the Achilles’ heel? | Achilles’ heel

How can you tap the Achilles’ heel?

Taping the Achilles’ heel can provide effective relief in the context of certain sports or complaints. There are two ways to tap the Achilles heel. The first is mainly used to stabilize the ankle.

For this you need two tapes. The first strip is fixed from the middle of the sole of the foot to the back over the heel and further up to the back of the ankle. The part from the heel to the ankle corresponds to the course of the Achilles tendon and should be applied more tightly.

The second strip is cut in half and glued vertically above the first strip. The first cross stripe should be approximately at the level of the pain point of the heel, the second cross stripe just above it. The second possibility of taping is particularly suitable for calf pain.

Three long strips of tape are required for this. The first strip is halved lengthwise, except for a common end piece. This common end piece is glued to the sole of the foot in the heel area.

The remaining part (the two long thin strips) is glued around the calf muscle, i.e. the calf is embraced by two strips. The next step is to stretch a long strip straight across the calf muscle to the heel. This strip runs from the hollow of the knee to the heel, where the first strip begins.

Finally, the last strip of tape is divided into two. One half is glued vertically over the other strips at ankle level. The second half is fixed to the sole of the foot in the area of the transverse arch (this corresponds to the base of the toes).