How do you burn extra fat? | Endurance training at home

How do you burn extra fat?

A particularly large amount of fat is burned during an endurance training, the fat burning begins from the first minute of the training. To increase this even more, it is recommended to combine endurance training with interval training. In doing so, peaks are built into the endurance training that are particularly demanding on the body.

The faster and more intensive the movements are, the higher the fat burning is, because the body needs a lot of energy. At a comfortable running pace, for example, you can include several short sprints that do not follow each other directly. Within high exertion the total energy consumption is particularly high, and fat burning is stimulated accordingly.

If you want to lose weight, it is advisable to eat few carbohydrates so that the empty fixed deposits are not directly refilled. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to use the afterburning effect. After an intensive interval training, the body needs energy reserves after training to regenerate and recover from the strain. The body burns additional calories for this purpose, which it gets from its own reserves if no calories are added from outside through food.

How can you combine strength and endurance training at home?

When combining strength and endurance training, it is not recommended to do the different training units directly after each other. Because the muscles are already strongly stimulated in the first unit, they get tired. It is irrelevant whether one starts with a very tired musculature into strength or endurance training, because both have a high risk of injury.

The muscles can no longer be optimally loaded and have no time to regenerate sufficiently for a build-up. Therefore, even if you are doing a combined training at home, you should make sure that there is a break between the training units to give the body the opportunity to regenerate. Take a look at our training plan for functional strength training: Training plan: functional strength training