How long do the sting symptoms last? | Asian (Japanese) bush mosquito

How long do the sting symptoms last?

In most cases, the symptoms after a bite from an Asian bush mosquito do not differ in severity and duration from those caused by a normal mosquito bite. The redness and swelling as well as the itching disappear within a few days. However, if flu-like symptoms occur due to the pathogen transmitted by the bite, these can last from several days to a few weeks.

If the symptoms do not improve after one week, a doctor should be consulted. In extremely rare cases, after a severe course of the disease with an infestation of the nerves, permanent damage is possible. This could also be interesting for you: Mosquito repellent Mückenschutz

Which diseases does the Asian bush mosquito transmit?

In most cases, a bite from an Asian bush mosquito does not transmit any disease at all. There is only swelling, redness and itching at the site of the bite. However, it is possible that certain diseases are also transmitted through the bite.

These include West Nile fever, for example. Even if a person is infected with the responsible pathogen, this usually goes unnoticed and no symptoms occur at all. In some cases, however, the disease manifests itself through flu-like symptoms and fever. Even more rarely, meningitis with headaches, disturbances of consciousness and possibly consequential damage can also occur. For the Asian bush mosquitoes that are widespread in Europe, however, no potential for transmission of diseases has been proven so far, so that really no danger emanates from the insects and no special precautionary measures need to be taken.

Is it possible to vaccinate against stings?

So far, there is no vaccine against the Asian bush mosquito or against the pathogens that can be transmitted by the insect. There are only vaccinations against other insects like the yellow fever mosquito. If and when such vaccinations are useful or necessary, the family doctor can tell you in a consultation, for example.

Instead of a vaccination, you can protect yourself against bites from the Asian bush mosquito by using insect repellent for skin and clothing. Mosquito nets, which are best also coated with insect repellent, protect you while you sleep. The danger posed by the Asian bush mosquito in Europe is in any case considered to be extremely low, so there is no need to fear a serious infection and protective measures are not necessary in this country. However, if you travel to Japan or Korea, insect repellent measures are recommended.