How long does a baby sleep at a stretch? | My baby sleeps badly – what can I do?

How long does a baby sleep at a stretch?

The duration of sleep in one piece increases as the baby develops. It is said that in the first weeks, the sleep duration of a newborn baby is about 4 hours in a row. From the age of three months, the baby now sleeps for about 5 hours at a time.

In some cases, the duration can also reach 6-8 hours in a row. From the age of one year on, the baby is a toddler. The sleep of a toddler often takes place without waking up at night. The duration of sleep is approximately between 11 and 13 hours.

Need to sleep

  • In the first weeks the baby has a very high need for sleep. It is about 18 hours a day, whereby sleep is always in pieces and no distinction is made between day and night. – After about 4 to 6 months, night and day can be distinguished from the baby.

The daily sleep duration now also slowly decreases while the individual sleep periods last longer. – After 6 to 12 months, the children sleep predominantly at night. The nightly sleep duration is about 11 hours.

During the day, however, there are also small naps, which last about 1-2 hours and usually take place twice a day. – In the 2nd year of life, the sleep of the children is now limited to about 13 hours. Of this, 11 hours of sleep are used for the night and two hours for the nap. – In the 3rd year of life the nightly sleep time is only about 12 hours and the midday nap is often omitted.