How much can I / should I lose weight with salts? | Slimming with salts

How much can I / should I lose weight with salts?

A good average for losing weight with salts is that you can lose about 3 to 5 kilos of body weight within three weeks. But only if the intake of the preparations is consistently accompanied by a balanced diet and sufficient sport. If possible, it should also be avoided to lose large amounts of weight within a short period of time, as these effects usually last only temporarily and can tend to worsen afterwards. Better results can be expected in the long term with a rather slow but constant weight loss.

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

As with all slimming cures or diets, losing weight with salts is above all about maintaining the changed lifestyle in the long term. Especially a balanced diet and regular sports have to be continued sustainably in order to keep the weight constant even after the cure. Proponents of this method claim that it has a lower yo-yo effect than other weight loss strategies, because the change of lifestyle happens rather slowly and is usually not too drastic for the person. It should therefore be easier to maintain this lifestyle after the cure.

Medical evaluation of the weight loss method

Until now, it has not been possible to scientifically prove an effect of salts on the human organism with valid methods. Supporters usually refer to case reports and their personal experiences with the application of the substances, without these having been proven by conventional medicine so far. In contrast to manufacturers of other drugs, distributors of Schuessler salts as well as homeopathic preparations do not have to provide additional proof of efficacy of the substance according to the drug laws of some countries.

They only have to show that the preparation is harmless for human application due to its purity, quality and manufacture. From a medical point of view, there are, with a few exceptions, no health hazards to be expected when taking salts. However, as a clear effect could not be scientifically proven so far, there will be no recommendation for Schuessler salts by orthodox medicine.

Which alternative methods to “Losing weight with salts” are there?

Besides the method of weight reduction with the help of salts, there are many other diets or slimming cures, which have many followers and also critics. The diets range from fasting to abstaining from certain foods or even the increased consumption of certain foods. Common to all these strategies is that they have a quick effect, but are mostly one-sided and not intended for long-term use.

Often the so-called yo-yo effect also occurs after such a weight loss cure and the possibly lost kilos are recovered in the shortest time or even gained weight. In contrast, it is more sustainable to strive for a balanced diet in the long term and to integrate sport into everyday life on a regular basis. However, this usually requires a great deal of discipline and the results tend to be gradual – but they usually last longer.