How to adjust the underarm supports correctly? | Armrests

How to adjust the underarm supports correctly?

Only qualified personnel should adjust the underarm supports. These include, for example, the doctor in charge or his staff, staff of a medical supply company or a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. The principle is that the length of the underarm support should be adjusted so that it fits well in the armpit.

Furthermore, the handles must be adjusted to the length of the arm so that the grips can be gripped well and there is no incorrect loading. The exact procedures depend on the manufacturer of the underarm supports. As a rule, however, the adjustment should be possible with the instructions without special tools.

What accessories are available for underarm supports?

When you purchase an underarm support, it is equipped with all the parts necessary to use it correctly and without damaging it. However, depending on the manufacturer, pads and rubber feet can be purchased in case of wear or loss. Some manufacturers also offer special foam covers for the handles and the underarm support.

Furthermore, special rubber pads for the feet of the underarm supports can be purchased. These are intended to make walking with the underarm supports more comfortable by providing padding or buffering. In general for assistants or supports there are wall and bed holders or stands for easy putting down and using the underarm supports.