How to apply an eye ointment correctly? | Eye ointments

How to apply an eye ointment correctly?

When using eye ointments, care should be taken to ensure correct application. The package insert of the ointment used should always be read carefully. The maximum daily dose should be observed carefully and not too much ointment should be applied at once.

Also important is the “preparation”. Before application, hands and forearms should be thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected to prevent further infections. Here too, you should pay close attention to the package insert and consult your doctor if necessary.

It is therefore often recommended to use the product before going to bed. – Some eye ointments are only suitable for use in the eye, while others can also be used for external application near the eye. – It is also important to note that many ointments can impair vision and that you should not actively participate in road traffic after application.

Which ones are available only on prescription, which ones are available without prescription?

There are different ointments for eye diseases, which are either over-the-counter or prescription, depending on the ingredients. If the eye ointment contains an antibiotic, it must always be prescribed by a doctor. Examples of over-the-counter eye ointments, however, are Besides antibiotic ointments, Zovirax with the active ingredient Aciclovir is also available only on prescription. This is a virus-inhibiting agent. – Bepanthen eye and nose ointment

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