Hyaluronic acid | Injection of under eye rings

Hyaluronic acid

One possibility to remove unwanted dark circles around the eyes is an injection with a hyaluron gel. Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the body. It is therefore very well tolerated by the body and optimally absorbed into the tissue.

The hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the tissue below the lower eyelid. In this way the actual tissue is filled with additional material. The skin then appears less light and the rings under the eyes become less visible after several treatments with hyaluron gel. The intervention with hyaluronic acid achieves the best results so far and is therefore recommended by most doctors. However, the desired effects do not last too long and must therefore be repeated several times after about two to three months.

Complications and risks

The injection of dark circles is a quick and minimal procedure, but there can be risks that the patient should be informed about in advance. When the syringe is applied, small bleedings into the surrounding tissue can occur. This causes a bruise that should disappear within the next few weeks.

Repeating the procedure may also lead to unevenness, which can either only be felt or can be visible. This complication can occur if too much of a substance has been used. In this case, a new intervention should be avoided for the time being.

The unevenness can then be removed by the body over time. Treatment with Botox does not involve more risks than with the other substances. Since this substance also contains human albumin, flu-like symptoms may occur in rare cases. In this case it is recommended to inform the doctor about it in order to be able to revert to another preparation for the next treatment.


The cost of an injection for dark circles depends on the amount of the chosen substance and the type of material. A treatment with Botox can cost between 10 and 15 euros, whereas a treatment with hyaluronic acid costs considerably more. The costs are around 400 Euros. Furthermore, the total costs depend on the number of procedures necessary to achieve the desired result.