Indication | Almotriptan


The main indication for almotriptan is symptomatic migraine. The drug can be used to treat migraine attacks that are either combined with an aura or without an aura. Aura is the term used to describe the neurological symptoms accompanying migraine, which can be seen as harbingers of a migraine attack.

These harbingers are usually unfamiliar hearing sounds or visual disturbances and a general feeling of unease. Patients usually have the feeling “that something is wrong” in advance, but are usually unable to give any further information. The visual disturbances are characterized by lightninglike symptoms that restrict the field of vision and last for about 10-60 minutes.

Shortly after the aura appears, the migraine headaches begin. Almotriptan should only be taken in case of migraine-related headaches. The drug is not helpful against tension-related headaches because of its principle of action. The drug can also be used for cluster headaches.


The dosage of Almotriptan is 12.5 mg tablets. They can be taken unchewed, independently of meals. The daily dose is also 12.5 mg. A second tablet can be taken if the headache should start again within the following 24 hours.

In this case, however, a minimum interval of 2 hours between the first tablet and the second one must be observed. If symptoms occur while taking Almotriptan, a second tablet should never be taken, but a doctor should be consulted. Almotriptan must not be taken in combination with alcohol, as this would alter the absorption or breakdown of the medication in the body.

Acquisition in the pharmacy

Almotriptan is available without prescription from pharmacies. One package contains 2 tablets of 12.5 mg each. Before taking Almotriptan, however, a doctor should be consulted, as Almotriptan is only effective in the case of myalgia-related headaches. If a severe, unprecedented headache occurs, a doctor should also be consulted immediately; the same applies to very long-lasting headaches.

Almotriptan vs. naratriptan

Both naratriptan and almotriptan are available over the counter from pharmacies. Both drugs are available in small pack sizes, which should not be exceeded at first. Both preparations have approximately the same effect.

The onset of action of Naratriptan takes place after about one hour, at most after 4 hours. The effect of almotriptan usually occurs somewhat earlier. Depending on the patient and the organism, the onset of action of the respective preparations may vary.