Instructions for plucking the eyebrows with the tweezers | Plucking the eyebrows

Instructions for plucking the eyebrows with the tweezers

Eyebrow plucking should be done after showering with warm water, as the skin is cleaned and the pores are wide open. As a tool one should preferably use tweezers with a slanted end, because they are well suited to grasp individual hairs. Before plucking, one should look at the natural shape of the eyebrow and then pluck it only to correct it.

It is best to work only on the lower edge of the eyebrow, because when plucking at the upper edge of the eyebrow, a thinned out impression can quickly occur. To pluck, stretch the skin around the hair to be plucked between two fingers, grasp the hair close to its root with the tweezers and then pull it out quickly in the direction of its growth. After finishing the plucking, one should leave the eyebrows alone, because the mechanically stressed skin needs regeneration time.

Pluck template for eyebrows

To help you determine the shape of the eyebrows when plucking, you can work with a template. There are various shapes of templates, which can be selected according to personal preference, face and existing eyebrow shape. Stencils can either be bought in a drugstore or you can often find the desired eyebrow shape as a template on the Internet and print it out.

A stencil is placed on the eyebrow and pressed on it so that it does not slip. Then all hairs that grow outside the template are plucked out and the eyebrow resembles the shape given by the template. There are also different materials under the stencils.

Besides the variant made of paper, which can usually only be used once, there are also stencils made of plastic. Here the advantage is that the stencil can be used several times. Beside the stencil made of plastic there is also a model made of wax. Similar to the waxing of the leg hair, there is an adhesive strip on the pre-waxed stencil, which is applied to the eyebrows. When this stencil is pulled off, the hairs to which the wax sticks are pulled out and only those that grow within the given stencil shape are left behind.

Plucking eyebrows in men

Plucking eyebrows has long since ceased to be a woman’s business. In general, it is also recommended for men to pluck only from the lower edge of the eyebrow. However, since men by nature usually have denser and bushier eyebrows than women, plucking from the lower edge of the eyebrows is often not enough. In this case, the upper edge of the eyebrow must also be plucked, which can be made easier by a moistened comb. By stroking this comb through the eyebrow against the direction of hair growth, the hairs are separated and it is easier to notice particularly long hairs, which can then be shortened with small scissors also in the middle of the eyebrow, or hairs that are too far from the natural shape of the eyebrow and can then be plucked out with tweezers.