Is it still contagious if you take antibiotics? | Antibiotics for pneumonia

Is it still contagious if you take antibiotics?

The antibiotic kills the bacteria in the body or prevents them from multiplying. This improves the symptoms and the infection heals. Nevertheless, there are still living bacteria in the lungs for the duration of taking the antibiotic and patients are still potentially infectious.

Can pneumonia be treated without antibiotics?

The treatment of pneumonia depends on the severity of the infection. In principle, every pneumonia is treated with medication, as a lack of treatment can lead to serious complications. For this reason, treatment without antibiotics is unusual.

Non-drug treatment should therefore only be supportive and includes not only physical protection but also respiratory therapy and sufficient fluid intake. Also mucolytic and cough-relieving preparations (mucolytics and antitussives) as well as pain-relieving medication can be taken to alleviate symptoms. Certain household remedies that have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect can also be used to support the therapy.