Is the emergency set available over the counter? | Allergy – Emergency set

Is the emergency set available over the counter?

If you are a severe allergy sufferer, you always need a prescription from the doctor treating you to obtain an emergency set for an allergic emergency in the pharmacy. The medicines in these sets are not available without a prescription. This is because the active ingredients they contain are very highly dosed and should therefore only be given to people who actually need them and know about their effects.

In addition, allergy emergency kits also contain a ready-to-use syringe to inject adrenaline immediately in an emergency. Since needles have a special potential for danger and injury, the strictly controlled delivery also applies here. The emergency set must normally be composed of the above-mentioned medicines and preparations.

The costs therefore also depend on the strength of the dosage, which in turn should be adapted to the strength of the allergy. The price of an emergency set can therefore be as high as 30-50€. In most cases, these costs are borne by the person concerned, but it is worth asking your health insurance company whether they will cover part of the costs.

Is it allowed to carry an emergency kit in hand luggage?

If you travel by plane as an allergy sufferer, the emergency set should understandably be stowed in your hand luggage so that it is within easy reach – because only then can it fulfil its actual purpose in an emergency en route. Due to the strict regulations on hand luggage when travelling by air, the question arises whether the allergy emergency set should not be removed from circulation at the luggage control. In principle, all essential medicines may be taken on board the aircraft.

It is best to pack them clearly in a transparent bag. Ideally, however, there should be a document that credibly certifies the necessity of taking them with you. This could be, for example, an allergy passport or a doctor’s certificate.

Especially for syringes and needles, such as those needed for an epipen, such a certificate should be available. Liquids, that containers up to 100 millilitres are OK. Although a maximum of one litre may be taken on board in hand luggage, this should not be exceeded with most emergency sets.