Laser eyelid correction | Eyelid correction

Laser eyelid correction

Another surgical method of eyelid correction is laser treatment. Here, a fibre-optic laser is used to gently remove tissue. To protect the eyesight, the patient wears eye protection flaps.

Furthermore, the laser does not reach all skin layers. An advantage of laser treatment for eyelid lifting is the significantly reduced probability of bleeding. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes.

During the healing phase, scabs form on the treated skin, but they fall off by themselves. After 10 days you are socially acceptable again. Costs of about 2000€ per eye are to be expected.

Tapes or strips for eyelid correction

There are some manufacturers who offer transparent adhesive strips for the face, e.g. to cosmetically correct drooping eyelids. You can buy the strips on the Internet, for example, in packs of 60 for under 10€. The strategic placement of the Stripes is a matter of practice.

The skin should be as free of grease as possible so that the adhesive strip holds well. They can usually only be used once. If you cannot bring yourself to have an operation, you have the possibility of a short-term optical correction.