List of the 38 Bach Flowers

  • Agrimony | Common Agrimony | One tries to hide worries, tormenting thoughts and inner restlessness behind a façade of happiness and joy. – Aspen | Aspen / Trembling Poplar | One has inexplicable fears, fear of impending disaster, expectation anxiety, “fear of fear”, “trembling like aspen leaves”. – Beech | copper beech | You judge other people without any empathy.

One is addicted to criticism, arrogant and intolerant. – Centaury | Centaury | Centaury | You have a weak will of your own. One cannot say no, the wishes of others are overrated, one is good-natured and easily exploited.

  • Cerato | Plumbago | One has a lack of confidence in one’s own intuition and judgment. One suffers from uncertainty. – Cherry Plum | Cherry Plum | One is afraid of oneself.

Fear of uncontrolled actions, temperamental outbursts and short-circuiting. – Chestnut Bud | Horse Chestnut Bud | You make the same mistakes over and over again because you don’t really process your experiences and don’t learn enough from them. – Chicory | Chicory | You are a possessive personality who interferes and tries to manipulate other people.

You are overly concerned about the welfare of other people. One expects all the attention in return and rules with self-pity should the environment refuse. – Clematis | Common Clematis | One shows little interest in the present, is completely elsewhere with one’s thoughts, does not register what is happening around one.

One is a “daydreamer”. – Crab Apple | Wood Apple | One feels infected, dirty and impure, inside and/or outside. You get caught up in details.

  • Elm | English Elm | One is desperate and despondent and temporarily has the feeling of not being up to one’s task and responsibility. – Gentian | Autumn Gentian | One is sceptical, insecure, easily discouraged. – Gorse | Stechginster | One is hopeless, resigned.

One has no strength left to make a new start. “There’s no point anymore”! – Heather | Scottish heather | You’re completely self-absorbed, feeling like the “navel of the world”.

One is busy with oneself and wants to be the center of attention. – Holly | European Holly | One is jealous, suspicious, has feelings of envy and hate. – Honeysuckle | Honeysuckle | One does not live in the present, is stuck in the past, has a longing for it.

  • Hornbeam | hornbeam | One feels tired and mentally exhausted and believes oneself too weak to be able to carry out everyday tasks. – Impatiens | Glandular Balsam | One is impatient, easily irritated and tends to overreact. – Larch | European Lark | One has feelings of inferiority, feels useless and expects failures due to lack of self-confidence.
  • Mimulus | Spotted Juggler Flower | One is shy, fearful, has many small fears, fear of the world. – Mustard | Wild Mustard | Deep sadness comes and goes suddenly without any apparent cause. – Oak | Oak | You feel depressed and exhausted, yet you fight on bravely and don’t give up.
  • Olive | Olive /Oil tree | One feels drained, mentally and physically exhausted. Everything is too much! – Pine | Scotch Pine | You reproach yourself, feel guilty, are discouraged.
  • Red Chestnut | Red Chestnut | You worry more about other people’s well-being than about your own. – Rock Rose | Yellow Sunflower | One is in inner panic, feelings of terror and acute anxiety. – Rock Water | Water from healing springs | One is hard on oneself, has strict and hard opinions, is rigid and immobile.
  • Scleranthus | One-year-old ball | One is indecisive, erratic, internally unbalanced. Opinion and mood change from one moment to the next. – Star of Bethlehem | Cold Milky Star | One has not yet come to terms with a mental or physical shock.

“Comforter of souls.” – Sweet Chestnut | Sweet Chestnut | You think the limits of what a person can bear have been reached. You see no way out and you’re at your wit’s end.

  • Vervain | Vervain | One is irritable and fanatical, and is overzealous in his efforts for a good cause. – Vine | Grapevine | One is a strong personality and is determined to get his way. – Walnut | Walnut | In decisive new beginning phases of life you are insecure, fickle and easily influenced from the outside.
  • Water Violet | Swamp Water Feather | One has a pronounced isolated feeling of superiority, withdraws inwardly. – White Chestnut | (White Blooming) Horse Chestnut | Certain thoughts circle incessantly in your head, you can’t get rid of them. You have inner dialogues and soliloquies.
  • Wild Oat | Forest Trumpet | One has no clear goals, is internally dissatisfied because one cannot find his life’s purpose. – Wild Rose | Dog rose | One is apathetic, apathetic and has capitulated inwardly. One no longer makes any effort. – Willow | Yellow Willow | You are completely bitter, struggling with your fate, feeling like a victim, resentful and self-pitying.