Lithium | Effect of antidepressants


Does an antidepressant influence the effect of the pill?

When different antidepressants are combined with the pill, some interactions can occur. One reason for this is that both the Pill and many antidepressants are metabolised by the liver. Because the antidepressants put a lot of strain on the liver, the effective levels of the pill can be affected in rare cases and the hormone levels can vary considerably.

Conversely, an already existing depression can also be aggravated by the altered hormone levels. There are often interactions when St. John’s wort is used as an antidepressant and the pill is taken at the same time. A strong weakening of the effect up to a loss of effectiveness is possible.

For this reason, the pill should not be taken during a St. John’s wort therapy or, if necessary, another preparation should be used. The other antidepressants used (tricyclic antidepressants, SSRIs, MAO inhibitors, etc.) do not show any relevant effects on the effectiveness of the pill according to study results. Nevertheless, the combination should always be discussed with the doctor treating the patient.

What effect do antidepressants have on healthy people?

As studies have shown, the treatment of healthy people with antidepressants has had no effect on the mood of those affected. Only very few patients reported a slight euphoric and stimulating feeling within the first few days. However, the mechanism of action has not been clarified.

It is therefore not possible to use it for a permanent brightening of the mood. At the same time, however, there may be some considerable side effects during treatment with the common antidepressants. This is due to the fact that the preparations not only act in the central nervous system but also in many other organs of the human body. Depending on the medication, typical side effects such as sleep disorders, a reduced libido (sexual desire) as well as nausea, diarrhoea and headaches have been reported.