Localization of the propagation | Abscess on the head

Localization of the propagation

Peripharyngeal abscesses are abscesses that spread to the deep throat. They can be caused by a peritonsillar abscess or by inflammation of the lymph nodes. Both forms of this abscess must always be operated on, as they cannot be controlled with antibiotic therapy alone.

This form of abscess is also characterized by pain when swallowing, fever and a general weakness. Furthermore it can lead to a swelling of the neck. At this point the editorial staff recommends the following article: Lymph node swelling of the neckAn abscess in the back of the throat, also called retropharyngeal abscess, can lead to a painful swelling of the neck.

This form of abscess develops at the base of a purulent inflammation of the pharyngeal lymph nodes and is an absolute surgical indication. Typically, affected persons cannot swallow because of pain, have a fever and usually even a torticollis due to the swelling. This mainly affects small children, but the abscess can also occur in adults. A retropharyngeal abscess is always treated with antibiotics and a surgical opening.