Long-term treatment options | Therapy of an Achilles tendon inflammation

Long-term treatment options

During the healing process, you can use one that reduces the tensile forces on the Achilles tendon and thus accelerates the healing process. After the healing process, however, the insole must be removed again because otherwise the Achilles tendon may be permanently shortened. Especially for runners, it is advisable to do a treadmill analysis at the first symptoms and then to choose a suitable shoe together with the specialist consultant, which is appropriate for the foot shape and can possibly relieve the Achilles tendon.

Depending on the results of the treadmill analysis, individual running insoles can be used for prevention. Furthermore, adjustments can be made to the running style that put strain on the Achilles tendon. Special Achilles tendon bandages can relieve the Achilles tendon.

  • Wear the heel insole,
  • Bandages

A special form of tape, the so-called kinesiotapes, can be used to accelerate the healing of the tendon. Kinesiotape is an elastic tape that can be applied to muscular areas of the body to improve the stability of the affected area and the chances of healing. The mode of action is sometimes controversial, but Kinesiotape is nevertheless a frequently used therapy in the context of, for example, Achilles tendon inflammation.

Kinesiotape is a possibility to support the Achilles tendon and thus reduce the discomfort somewhat. The correct application of the tape should be done by a physiotherapist or another person who has experience with the subject. Care should also be taken to ensure that the tape can provide the necessary stability by applying several layers systematically.

The tape can be useful in the first phase of the inflammation, in order to be able to carry out everyday movements such as climbing stairs again without complaints, and in the last phase to enable athletes to resume training. You will find much more information on this topic under our topic:

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Bandages can be used to reduce the strain on the tendon in the case of Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon, for example, is stressed with every step when walking because it transmits the force to push the foot off the ground.

A bandage can stabilize the ankle. This means that the ankle joint is guided slightly by the bandage with every step, which means that the Achilles tendon has to transfer less stabilisation work. The therapy of Achilles tendon inflammation using heel wedges aims to reduce the load on the Achilles tendon.

By using a heel wedge, the heel stands slightly higher than the ball of the foot with every step, which means that the Achilles tendon is stretched less than is otherwise the case. In addition, the pressure on the Achilles tendon when the foot is pushed off the ground is reduced slightly. The heel wedge can therefore be used in the acute phase of inflammation, but it is also suitable for preventing a new Achilles tendon inflammation. This topic might also be of interest to you:

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