Losing weight with globules/ homeopathy


Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular in our society. Losing weight with globules is one way to lose weight. The aim is to identify and combat the individual cause of overweight. Losing weight with globules is a good possibility for overweight people who have tried many diets without success. The globules are intended to increase weight loss as part of a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise.


There is a wide range of globules for losing weight when overweight. Depending on the cause of the overweight, different homeopathic preparations are recommended. There are globules that stimulate fat burning or get the metabolism going, as well as globules that reduce appetite or counteract ravenous appetite.

For losing weight during the menopause there are also specific homeopathic globules. Other globules work against the spherical bloated belly. When using the globules, attention is paid to dosage and potency.

D-potencies are dilutions in a ratio of 1:10, so-called low potencies, while C-potencies, also called high potencies, are diluted in a ratio of 1:100. The globules we buy are usually further diluted. For example, you buy D6 or D12 globules.

With D6 globules, the corresponding product was diluted 6 times 1:10, whereas a D12 product was diluted 12 times 1:10. This corresponds to the idea of the globules that the starting substance in the final product, the globules for slimming, is only present in a small proportion. For homeopathic therapy, the diluted active substances are prepared with cane sugar in the form of globules.

Depending on the cause of the overweight, the different globules can be taken. For example, globules containing Capsicum diluted to the potency of D12 are taken three times a day in the amount of 5 globules if the diet is stagnating. In order for a homeopathic treatment of overweight to be effective, negative lifestyle factors should be avoided. This means that sufficient exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are essential for losing weight. In homeopathy, a distinction is made between single remedies, preparations containing only one active ingredient, and complex remedies, which are coordinated preparations containing several individual remedies that are effective in one area of application.

Which globules are used?

There are different globules that have different effects on the body to promote weight loss. The choice of the right globules depends on the individual causes of overweight. If one suffers from indigestion or overweight in connection with a thyroid dysfunction, globules containing Fucus vesiculosus are recommended.

The product is not suitable for people with hyperthyroidism. In cases of known hypothyroidism, thyroidinum may help to stimulate weight loss. Many people come to the point where their diet, after initial success, stagnates.

The globules recommended for this purpose contain the active ingredient Capsicum. If a large appetite is the cause of overweight, the remedy Madar can help to curb the appetite. Helianthus tuberosus has a similar effect.

The effect of this preparation only sets in after 1 – 2 weeks of regular use, dampens the appetite and also delays the feeling of hunger. To avoid a yo-yo effect, this preparation should be taken in small steps. If one suffers from ravenous hunger and/or craving for sweets associated with nervousness, globules with Argentum nitricum can have a balancing effect. If you feel the urge to “eat in frustration”, Calcium Carbonicum Hahnemanni is often used.