Meralgia paraesthetica | Pain in the inguinal ligament

Meralgia paraesthetica

Meralgia paraesthetica is a pain caused by compression of a sensitive nerve of the thigh. This is a small superficial nerve that can lead to sensitive sensations in the outer thigh. As the nerve passes through the fibers of the inguinal ligament, it can be compressed. This can be caused by an inexplicable thickening of the inguinal ligament, pregnancy, tight pants, weight gain, swelling of the groin and muscle thickening. Initially, there may be tingling and formication of the thigh, later pain and numbness.

Associated symptoms

The main symptom of groin strain, inflammation, sports injuries and other diseases of the groin region is pain.This can be dull, stinging or radiating and can assume very different intensities. The pain often causes a restriction of movement in the hip joint. In the case of concomitant diseases of the hip joint, there may also be grinding and rubbing of the joint.

In an inguinal hernia, on the other hand, visible protrusions of the intestine in the groin area can be detected. These feel soft and can be pushed back manually. On the other hand, there is swelling of the groin in case of inflammation. They can be hard and painful as well as reddened and overheated. In rare cases, fever and other signs of infection can also occur.


The diagnosis of inguinal ligament pain begins with a detailed discussion of the symptoms and physical examination. The various anatomical areas of the groin are so complex that an approximate cause can be determined by combining certain complaints. The physical examination always includes a palpation of the groin and a hip joint mobility test.

With the help of an ultrasound examination, various causes can also be excluded. Effusions, swellings, inflammations but also intestinal parts of inguinal hernias can be detected. Strained muscles are often difficult to diagnose in detail. With the help of an MRI examination, the soft tissue in the groin region can be examined more precisely and with high resolution.