Mimulus/Spotted Juggler Flower | Bach Flowers for anxiety in children

Mimulus/Spotted Juggler Flower

The children are timid, shy and have many small fears. In contrast to children in aspen state, whose fears are vague and inexplicable, children who need mimulus can name their reason for fear. These are mundane, everyday things and situations.

In general, the child is a “coward’s foot”, is afraid of other people, is too afraid to defend itself and therefore avoids any confrontation from the outset. Infants cry immediately after waking up, are generally tearful and jumpy. Small children are afraid of thunderstorms, of the dark, of visiting the doctor.

The older children are shy and reserved, in a strange environment they need a long time until they thaw. Later they tend to blush and have inhibitions that make life difficult for them and their parents. In the worst case, life can become a burden for these children.

Mimulus helps anxious children to develop courage and bravery and to better understand and endure supposedly frightening situations. Mimulus should always be compared and weighed up against the flowers Aspen (vague fears) and Rock Rose (panic fear). From the very beginning, children have a great fear for the well-being of their parents, siblings, family cats or dogs.

They have a strong attachment to loved ones and living beings and are overly concerned about their well-being, always fearing the worst. Sentences like: Mommy, where are you going? When are you coming back?

Where is Daddy? are part of the child’s vocabulary as soon as he or she can speak. Children have difficulty separating from their parents, even for a short time.

They cry and refuse when they have to go to kindergarten or even to the birthday party. They don’t even want to stay with their grandparents for a long time without mum and dad. An exaggerated caring and overprotection of others hinders their own development, the children rack their brains over the worries of loved ones but are not afraid for themselves.

This close bond with relatives usually stems from their own inner insecurity. Except, of course, for the children who developed this fear through bad experiences. In such cases the flower Star of Bethlehem would fit. The flower Red Chestnut is supposed to help the child to overcome strong attachments and fears about others. The children should develop their own inner security and independence.

Rock RoseYellow Sunflower

The blossom Rock Rose stands for panic fear up to fear of death, for example in case of a feeling of suffocation in the context of allergic asthma. The children are panicky, even without any recognizable dramatic event. They tremble, scream loudly, cling to their parents in search of protection.

Or they seem petrified and cover their eyes and ears. Triggers can be nightmares, thunderstorms or even the fear of the dentist. As babies these children sometimes suffer from insomnia.

In general, the children are easily overexcited, react hysterically and show a “weak nervous system“. The flower Rock Rose can then become part of the personal flower mixture, which can be given over a longer period of time. Otherwise, the flower Rock Rose is part of the so-called “emergency drops” (Rescue Remedy), a mixture of five flowers that can be used in any form of first aid. The flower Rock Rose is intended to help children to better judge situations and to develop a certain courage and steadfastness.