Nutrition | Anus praeter – the artificial anus


With the nutrition there are no more exact guidelines or special features to which special attention must be paid. Basically, you can eat anything you like. Every anus praeter patient has to find out for himself which foods are good for him or which affect the consistency of his own stool and thus lead to inconveniences such as flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea.

When choosing food, it may be important to consider which foods are laxative (e.g. spirits, fruit, coffee), constipating (chocolate, wine), odor-producing (fish, garlic, cheese), odor-inhibiting (spinach, yogurt), flatulent (cabbage, carbonated drinks) and antiflatulent (yogurt). In the beginning it might be appropriate to keep a kind of dietary record for a few days. In this way you can record your eating behaviour and the consequences of your choice of food in order to minimise or avoid the disturbances. In general it is also important, as with non anus praetorians, to ensure a balanced diet and regularity, to drink plenty of fluids and distribute meals evenly throughout the day.